I got chicken pox at the age of twenty-three.

Apparently, it’s not that uncommon, though I have attributed the illness to something that happens to children. Posting a status about it on facebook exposed me some friends who still have never gotten chicken pox.

(It also reminded me of how easily I can meet up with them and transfer the virus, if I had been feeling evil.)

(I wasn’t, but Chloe was, as she told me that now would be the best time to visit my enemies. I have no enemies. I think.)

(If you consider yourself my enemy, can you please step forward and declare yourself like all good villains do? Thanks.)

Anyway, the worst of it passed last week. Now I’m very, very healthy. Just kind of scabby. DO NOT SCRATCH is what everyone told me, and I’m trying my best to obey that one rule.

Good health means now I have to return to my responsibilities, and those are:

  • working/translating stuffs as I did before the pox
  • cleaning my room (not that I was very good at it in the first place)
  • probably coming to French class, as I think I’m no longer spreading virus wherever I go. Fuck you, Varicellovirus human herpesvirus-3 (hey, who knew chicken pox was actually herpes?) for taking me away from the first two days of my B1 French class.

Since I’ve been reading Austin Kleon’s Show Your Work! (expect a post on that in a couple of days, by the way), I’ve resolved to take the advice and share something regularly. So, I guess add another bullet point to the list:

  • post something on wordpress at least once a week, and at least one post on every book I read in 2015.

I’ve done that admirably, by the way, because I’ve posted a lengthy meandering thing on Saga and a sort-of review on Fangirl. And now this. A post on the responsibilities of an adult right after recovering from a nonlethal but definitely torturous illness.


Being a healthy adult is hard. I fulfilled nearly all the items on my to-do-list yesterday, but I don’t think I can do everything on the list for today. Partly because I procrastinate. Speaking of which, this article is spot-on. That right there is my life.

I should get back to my work before I digress even further. See you later, wordpress.