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Warning to AMD users out there: if you want to install the Catalyst* graphic driver update… be prepared. It may leave your screen all flickering and fugly. Happened to me last night and I had to bring my baby Nyx** to the ASUS service center.

Maybe this is a good thing, I don’t know. I still haven’t finished Dead Beat and After Dark, and I need to continue plotting my NaNoWriMo novel. Plus I need to read Ender’s Game. My love for anything sci-fi is crazy lately (I blame Mass Effect) so one look at the book and I made an impulsive purchase.

Yep, I can live without my laptop for a week. It’s just the timing! Just Saturday morning I had a chat with my parents about crime. I told them I always carry my tote bag on the sidewalk side, not the street side, in case some bastard snatchers on a motorbike get any ideas. Then that night, in Starbucks CiWalk, Karina’s bag (along with both her cellphones, her laptop, and her wallet) got stolen while we weren’t looking by some hoodlums***. And the next night this shit with my laptop happened.

Anyway, stay safe people. Evil exists everywhere. Including the AMD official website, that decided to go through site maintenance as soon as my installed graphic driver decided to ruin Nyx’s screen.

*should have known the name Catalyst means something bad. Fucking Starchild.
**yes, I name my electronics.
***may their dicks fall off at night.