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  1. Translation projects are soporific
  2. So are literature references for final paper
  3. And pretty much every other thing that is not: a) fictional, and/or b) scandalous.

Speaking of sleepy things, I had the most terrible dream the other day. I dreamt I had a baby. With whom or how was not–still is not–important; I just had a baby. A beautiful chubby baby boy, burping and gurgling in my arms. I was so, so in love. Then the baby died, because I was a neglectful, horrible mother. I woke up crying. I’ve always wanted to be a parent, so the dream struck right where it hurt the most. And they say dreams are part of our subconscious. I fear the meaning of this dream.

But let us not talk of  such horrible things, yes? There are plenty other things we can busy ourselves with. Other stuffs happening around here (by here, I mean my own personal internet haunts, not just my geographic location):

  • Currently plotting and world-building for my NaNoWriMo novel. I can’t say much about it yet, except that it involves guns and will be all sci-fi futuristic badassery. Hopefully. I need to win this thing.
  • Gunnerkrigg Court is an awesome webcomic. There. It needs to be said. It is steampunk and mythology and coming-of age story rolled into one huge ball of beauty. The characters grow. The mystery unfolds (and thickens, at the same time). There are endless mindfuckery and sometimes you think you got it all figured out until WHAM something happens. Like today’s page. WHAM. (Do not read today’s page if you haven’t read all the pages before.)
  • I will say the same about Girls With Slingshots. If Gunnerkrigg was fantasy, Girls With Slingshots is Mundane Fantastic (mostly reality, but there are story arcs with fantastical gags, in which the fantasy element is treated as mundane). If you are not convinced, let me tell you this: there is a perverted talking cactus called McPedro, and he has a moustache, a sombrero, and a Scirish (Scottish x Irish) accent.
  • I am currently psyched about the upcoming Season Premiere of Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirit. My spirits–all pun intended–is dampened a bit, though, knowing that Makorra is canon and Korrasami isn’t. Plus, I don’t think we’ll ever see any more Tahno. Siiiiigh.

And with that, I shall return to me (extremely soporific) work.